Font World is a personal website founded by two designers and a programmer in 2017, aiming to provide designers with a faster and greener way to find and try fonts. Since its launch in April 2017, it has collected tens of thousands of fonts and provided more than 6 million downloads.

Intellectual Property Statement

The website is a site spontaneously founded by several design enthusiasts, aiming to provide a platform for design enthusiasts and practitioners to communicate and learn fonts. We have always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. Font World website provides information network storage space for uploading and dissemination of works according to user instructions. According to the "Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China", "Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Dissemination Right", "Administrative Protection Measures for Internet Copyright" and other relevant laws and regulations, fontworld website adopts the following copyright policies for online infringement:

  1. Take reasonable and prudent obligations to online copyright protection, and have the right to delete the suspected infringing work without prior notice when there is reason to believe that there is a work that obviously infringes the copyright of any third party;
  2. After receiving a copyright notice that meets statutory requirements, it shall delete the allegedly infringing work within 1 working day;
  3. take necessary technical measures to prevent re-uploading of the same infringing work as much as possible;
  4. For users who have evidence to repeatedly upload infringing works, they have the right to stop providing them with technical services of network storage space at any time;

If any unit or individual finds that the Font World website has infringed your copyright or information network dissemination rights, or has changed your rights management electronic information, you may submit a written notice to the Font World website by email, requesting the Font World website The website removes the work or disconnects the link to the work. The notice must be signed by the right holder or its legal authorized person (if it is a unit or company, it should be stamped with an official seal), and then scanned or photographed and sent to the font world website by email.

The notice shall contain the following:

  1. The name (name), contact information, address, scanned copy of ID card (natural person), business license of enterprise legal person (unit), identity certificate of legal representative (unit) of the right holder;
  2. requires the exact name and network address of the infringing work to be deleted or disconnected from the link, so that Fontke.com can discover and preliminarily review the allegedly infringing work;
  3. Preliminary proof materials that it believes to constitute infringement, including but not limited to the ownership certificate of the copyright of the work or the right to disseminate information on the Internet according to law, and the proof of the infringement of the allegedly infringing work;
  4. The notice must be signed by the right holder or its legal authorized person, and if it is a unit, it needs to be stamped with the official seal of the unit;
  5. The right holder shall be responsible for the authenticity of the notice. If the content of the notice is untrue, the right holder will bear all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom;